Carmen teresa Luengo

Carmen Teresa is the founder and President of, an Executive Coaching Firm. Her work motto is: “Helping Leaders Shine” Why? Because success and happiness start by being your own leader. She is an international Executive Coach trained at the Center for Executive Coaching.  Carmen Teresa’s focus is preparing CEO’s and other C-levels executives, business leaders to reach their goal.

In her workshops she includes:

    Communication Skills,
    Time Management
    Creating a High Performance Culture
    Behavioral Coaching
    Setting Goals
    Knowing the Power of Leadership

Carmen Teresa is truly passionate about helping leaders to live to their fullest potential, building strengths and getting more clarity and focus.  Her style has elements of intuition, assessments, new thinking.

As an international Executive Coach with years of experience, she understands the stress you encounter and the unique challenges you face as a manager and has the right resources and skills to help leaders create accountable and measurable results. Executive Coaching services has been an indispensable resource in helping small business owners dramatically increase their Executive presence, Image impact, Time management.... Stop procrastination, Get clarity and focus, Goals settings, Improve business and social skills.

Her areas of expertise include leadership, increased profitability, executive presence, business and social etiquette, manners, and magnetic communication skills. Carmen Teresa’s international Executive Coaching services is available for business owners, staff development and training.